What you’ll find here – a guide to help you have a comfortable camping site. With preparing at home, having the right gear and using good habits while in the campsite, your transform your camping experience into a better time for everyone.

Organize Your Camping Gear at Home

Start with gathering all of your essential camping gear. We find it best to focus on the items you’ll need for your shelter first and then build there from there into seating, lights and cooking items. To help out, use a camping checklist and also learn the essential camping skills.

  • Use a camping checklist so that you don’t forget anything.
  • Make sure you gear is in good shape and that you you’ve not run out of anything such as stove fuel or band-aids.
  • If you are bringing kids, check out our guide on how to camp with kids
  • Group your gear into different bins or bags. We like to have bags for clothing and night time items such as headlamps and clear plastic bins or bags for kitchen gear

When packing, keep in mind what you’ll need first and most often and strategically pack that gear on top or in a easy access area.

Once you get to camp

Find a good campsite that has level ground and a safe area for a campfire (see our guide on how to build a campfire) if your site does not already have a fire pit. Level ground is important because when you place your tent you don’t want to be sleeping slanted.

  • Get the tools you’ll want throughout the day out and accessible. If you have a Multi-tool it can help you hammer in your tent stakes. A headlamp is also good to have nearby when it starts to get dark.
  • Look over camp and make sure there is no broken glass or other dangerous objects.
  • Find a place for your tent. Pick a flat area without roots or rocks underneath. Clear away any loose rocks so you don’t sleep on them. Try to find an area that has some shade and is protected if the wind starts to pickup. Setup your tent before it gets dark.
  • you’ll be moving your kitchen gear and other tools around as you use them throughout the day, try to be consistent on where you keep or place things so you can find them again.
  • Note where you campsite is in relation to your surroundings and help kids and others do the same. Landmarks like specific rocks or formations can help. You don’t want anyone to wander off and get lost
  • Don’t lose your car keys. We like to keep ours in a designated spot or in a zip/button chest pocket
  • Use large water containers. Large water containers are great to setup on the kitchen camp table as you will be using it to cook, clean, and fill smaller water bottles. We like to carry two large water containers in case one leaks.
  • Put your food away in a container if your not cooking or if you’re away from camp. Creatures such as squirrels are very good at finding food and have been known to even eat into a tent to get at it. If you’re in bear country consider getting a bear rated cooler to store your food in while away.

Keeping your Camp Clean

You’re out in nature so things are bound to get dusty and dirty. There are a few things that can help keep your campsite clean.

  • Brush out any dirt that you see get into your tent or kitchen area as soon as you see it.
  • When cleaning your dishes don’t let the water splash directly within your camping area as it will create mud
  • Bring a tarp to place outside of your tent entrance to place your shoes or make sure you take off your shoes before entering your tent
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Living in the Northeast, rain happens… but now I have the knowledge and gear to go rain or shine. Glad I found this site! Thanks.

I had a few more questions about one of the tents I was interested in. After posting on the group page I got some great input. My tent is perfect for the camping I like do to.

I get cold quickly. After learning about sleeping bags here I was able to find one that keeps me warm and isn’t to heavy to carry. Thanks for sharing your expertise guys and gals.

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