What you’ll find here – The best overall multi-tool, the best essentials multi-tool, and the best budget multi-tool. We review multi-tools from the top brands like Leatherman, Victorinox, and SOG, as well as provide expert advice on how to figure out which multi-tool is best for you.

New to multi-tools? We have you covered. Start with what is most important to you: functions, price, or quality.

Overall Best Camping Multi-tool

Leatherman Signal Camping ($119)

overall best multi tool

Tools: 19

Warranty: 25 years

Pros: Designed specifically for camping, fire-starting ferro rod, emergency whistle, only requires one hand to open and use the tools, the clips (also bottom opener) can be used to attached to the outside of a backpack or on your belt.

Cons: The color finish is scratched and removed easily, if you don’t care too much about the color, go for the grey one.

Bottom line: Superior tools and quality. Built specifically for what you encounter out camping. The Leatherman Signal Camping is the right tool for the job. With locking blades and being able to clip to your belt this tool is safe and has easy access for when you need it.

Top pick: Out of all of the multi-tools this one screams quality camping tool. With sharp blades (comes with its own blade sharpener) and all of the tools needed, this Leatherman is the one we use out on our adventures and has become one of our favorite items in our top gear picks.

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Page last updated: November, 2021

Summary of the best camping multi-tools

Best Multi Tool
PriceUser rating
Best Overall Multi ToolLeatherman Signal Camping$119 (check for sale)4.5 average (view rating)
Essentials Multi ToolVictorinox Spirit$104 (check for sale)4.5 average (view rating)
Budget Multi ToolSOG PowerLock$67 (check for sale)4.5 average (view rating)

Best Multi-tool with all the Essentials

Victorinox Swiss Army Swisstool Spirit ($104)

best essentials multi tool

Tools: 27

Warranty: Lifetime

Pros: Diverse tool set, quality brand, stainless steel (lightweight yet durable), tools lock when open.

Cons: Not specific to camping but contains the essentials needed for being out in the woods. The scissors don’t have a return spring which makes using them a bit more difficult.

Bottom line: This camping multi-tool provides many tools at your fingertips while still being lightweight and strong. It has increased safety due to locking blades as well as the other tools and it’s easy to use with an ergonomic handle that is comfortable in the hands. If you want the essentials plus a few extra thrown in to tackle camping and daily life tasks, the Victorinox Swiss Army Tool Spirit is for you.

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Best Budget Camping Multi-tool

SOG EOD PowerLock ($67)

best budget multi tool

Tools: 18

Warranty: Lifetime

Pros: Affordable, sturdy 420 stainless steel, approved military-grade, uses compound leverage to increase plier grip.

Cons: Poor black coating… go for the silver one, the pliers have been known to apply to much leverage and actually break the tips (don’t macho clamp with these).

Bottom line: The SOG EOD PowerLock is a great budget option for camping. It has strong gripping pliers, all the tools you want, and the handle covers protects the tools from dirt and grime. While the blade locking mechanism works we do find ourselves a bit wary of trusting it 100%.

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Top gear picks by category

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Key Concepts

Choosing the best camping multi tool for you

Functions – Make sure you have the functions you need for what you plan on doing. For camping, all of the tools mentioned above meet our “out in the woods” tool set. If you plan on using your multi-tool for more than just camping having a few extra tools can be nice a bonus. Remember to look at the tool side and specifically blade length for camping multi-tools, you don’t want to get stuck trying to slice up some items for dinner and have a wee little blade.

Price – Good pocket multi-tools last a lifetime. We recommend spending a little more and getting what you want to use for years and years to come…buy once, cry once.

Quality – Your hands are important and hurting them if a blade bends or a saw breaks is not something you want to do out in the woods. If you’re going for a survival multi tool, we highly recommend quality steel multi-tools from well-know brands with long warranties (when they believe in the product, it’s a good indicator that you can too).

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