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About us and what we do

We’re a group of experts and outdoor enthusiasts that test and review camping gear.

Our mission is to help improve your camping skills, provide consolidated gear reviews, and make a positive environmental impact. We figure out the best of the best gear within the categories of “best overall”, “the essentials”, and “budget” to save you time and ensure you have a great time in the outdoors with gear you can trust.

  • Our recommendations are completely independent and based on personal experience and/or input from industry experts.
  • We also weigh in thousands of community reviews from REI and Amazon to bring you the best of the best.
  • People rate our articles. Below is the sitewide average rating for all guides, gear, and how-to’s.
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What’s with .eco?

Notice that we’re smartcamper.eco and not smartcamper.com? That’s because we are committed to positive change for the planet. To be able to have a .eco domain it requires the site to be working toward a sustainable future and be able to prove it!

We plant trees to help fight global climate change and create a positive environmental impact. While we’re not a big group, we try to do our part. To-date we’ve planted:

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